"Mark Sieber was always friendly, courteous, knowledgeable. Also, I never felt there were any dumb questions that I asked. Most of the time he gave the information before I needed to ask. He was helpful in suggesting the best way for my home look. These were all easy suggestions. There was a time for business and a time for visiting and laughter. What a pleasant experience. Thank you, Mark"

- Marie Jackson, Des Moines, IA; 2017

"Mark seemed genuinely interested in helping me navigate the maze of finding and buying my perfect new home. Mark was always available; never too busy to answer my questions and concerns. Mark's attire was always impeccable. He always presented himself professionally and conscientiously; it was obvious that Mark took pride presenting RE/MAX Realty wherever he is out in the community."

- Vicki Purdy, Columbia, MO; 2017

"My sister-in-law and brother were looking at houses for me and took a picture of the yard sign and sent it to me. When I was in town, I called Mark and made an appointment with him. He was very friendly and accommodating. After meeting him, I knew that I had found my broker. Mark was very instrumental in helping me decide what kind of house I wanted. He listened carefully to all of my requests and needs and put together a list of great houses to show me and even emailed listings to me when I wasn't in town. He was patient and most importantly, he was mindful of my price range. Mark was excellent in every aspect of the search and purchase of my house. He is the best at what he does. This was the most pleasant home buying experience. The first time a bought a home in Denver, the realtor was friendly up until the sale was made, then she was not available for questions or anything else. Mark has been great before, during and after the sale. I appreciate him vey much."

- Willia Logan, Columbia, MO; 2017

"I have already recommended Mark to a close friend getting ready to sell his house!"

- Zachary Clanton, Columbia, MO; 2017

"I went into the office 3 years ago and asked to see a realtor. When the person at the front desk called Mark, from then on we worked together. Even though chance brought us together, he was the best person that I didn't pick. His assistant worked just as hard as he did at selling my house. She spent hours at the house taking pictures."

- Richard Gold, Columbia,MO; 2017

"Mark Sieber did a great job. He was able to work around my crazy work schedule to accommodate me. Thanks, Mark Sieber"

- Brandon Nelson, Columbia, MO; 2016

"Mark was extremely knowledge concerning what was happening in my area and the surrounding community."

- Carol Morris, Columbia, MO; 2016